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This site is a collection of tips and tricks that I use and am sharing to help everyone

Learn about Home and Small Business security and surveillance

Packages you can put together on your own and save BIG $$

I'm working on the pages right now but I have installed many of these camera systems and will show you how too.

The two systems I will go over are:

8 Camera 600 DPI - Geovision / IBM Systems

16 Camera 600 DPI - Geovision / IBM Systems

Or Professional series systems

NICE and PELCO camera and surveillance systems and software

I'll go over the difference between 200, 300, 400, 600 Lines or DPI or 1MP -5MP Cameras.

You'll learn about PTZ & License plate Cams as well as Night vision and Zoom.

So please come back again and check it out once the page is up.

In the mean time please check out the pages that are up (see blue buttons) and let me know what I can help you with.







SAFE Links to some of our recommended products for Download

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Link to Microsoft's Malware removal tool Download

Link to Bleeping Computers site for combofix Download

Link to download Hitman Pro for Hitman-Pro ver 3.x Download


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